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200 King Manor Drive King of Prussia, PA 19406
  (610) 337-7698


7am - 6pm
7am - 7pm
7am - 7pm
7am - 7pm
7am - 6pm
9am - 4pm
9am - 4pm


Over the years, the Perfect Pooch team has trained, socialized, and cared for 1000's of dogs, and everyday we have anywhere from 20 to 80 dogs interacting safely in our yard. We are able to do this because at Perfect Pooch the human is always the leader. This keeps the pack stable and well balanced. It also creates a stress free environment for the dogs because as followers the dogs know the leader will meet all their needs.

This ideal situation has allowed us to gain expansive experience in observing and influencing dog behavior, and in turn has helped us create a unique training method. Through our own observations we have developed a unique and reliable method that is based on a deep knowledge of the psychology and instinctual needs of a dog.

This method will not just teach you how to condition your dog to behave a certain way, but rather how to understand him as a whole being. By doing so, not only will you learn to eliminate inappropriate behaviors, but this will also allow your dog more freedom and happiness than you can currently imagine.

Whether your dog is here for training, boarding, or daycare the majority of their day is spent interacting with a stable pack and with consistent guidance from trained human leaders.

We require that all dogs coming into our facility have current Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, and Bordetella vaccinations. Bordetella must be within the last 6 months

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